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About the Photographer

Eduardo Galliani

A personal and professional view.

Eduardo’s journey to photography was predestined. It is highly influenced by his father’s passion for adventure and photography. It also takes shape from the films and mission of Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and, from the National Geographic Magazine. Every piece of literature on expeditions and discoveries was used as inspiration.  He proudly and gratefully acknowledges it was the education – both, formal and environmental, in his town – Saladillo, Prov.BA. that prepared him for extraordinary challenges ahead.  

While studying Marine Biology and Oceanography at the University of Buenos Aires, Eduardo received his license as Commercial Diver from the Argentine Coast Guard (PMA-ARA) thus allowing him to work with scientists when not cleaning, refloating, welding, building or destroying things underwater. A profession that he worked at times for 18 years.

Eduardo and his family embarked on a long road trip in a motorhome that took most of the ’75 from his hometown to, somewhere, North of Fairbanks, Alaska trying to reach the Arctic Circle. Once they were close, they were forced to return to Fairbanks due to severe snowstorms. The next best thing to do, of course, was head to Miami Beach – Eduardo changed his direction and in ‘76 returned to Miami to finish his studies thus earning his BFA’83 in Cinematography and Photojournalism at the University of Miami.