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A personal and professional view

Eduardo’s journey to photography was predestined. It is highly influenced by his father’s passion for adventure and photography. It also takes shape from the films and mission of Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and, from the National Geographic Magazine. Every piece of literature on expeditions and discoveries was used as inspiration.  He proudly and gratefully acknowledges it was the education – both, formal and environmental, in his town – Saladillo, Prov.BA. that prepared him for extraordinary challenges ahead.  

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Commercial Diver & Student

While studying Marine Biology and Oceanography at the University of Buenos Aires, Eduardo received his license as Commercial Diver from the Argentine Coast Guard (PMA-ARA) thus allowing him to work with scientists when not cleaning, refloating, welding, building or destroying things underwater. A profession that he worked at times for 18 years.

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galliani collection welcome to alaska

Alaskan Road Trip

Eduardo and his family embarked on a long road trip in a motorhome that took most of the ’75 from his hometown to, somewhere, North of Fairbanks, Alaska trying to reach the Arctic Circle. Once they were close, they were forced to return to Fairbanks due to severe snowstorms. The next best thing to do, of course, was head to Miami Beach – Eduardo changed his direction and in ‘76 returned to Miami to finish his studies thus earning his BFA’83 in Cinematography and Photojournalism at the University of Miami.

For many years, Eduardo alternated between his underwater jobs, photojournalism, commercial, and advertising photography. He worked freelance with France Press, AP, UPI, The Miami Herald, and El Nuevo Herald and many other national and international magazines and newspapers that published articles about travel and adventure.

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During his six years working as a contract photographer with Eastman Kodak – Eduardo was commissioned to create the group portrait of the 35 Presidents and Prime Ministers attending the first “Summit of the Americas 1994” in Miami, Florida.

He made the portrait with a large format 4”x5” camera. Framed prints were presented by the President and CEO of Eastman Kodak, George Fisher, as a gift to each President and PM. Eduardo gave a copy to The National Portrait Gallery – Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. (NPG.95.77) and to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, in Miami, where the portrait was made.

Dr. Spielman and Eduardo Galliani

Balancing Works

Eduardo was then commissioned by Kodak to document athletes training in Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta. Then he went to document humpback whales in an oceanographic expedition to their breeding area in the North Atlantic. Eduardo was also the documentary photographer and technical diver assisting scientists aboard the Oceanographic RV Cape Florida. He had the privilege to work with Dr. Samuel H. Gruber in shark research in the Caribbean.

It was during this expedition that Eduardo met Dr. Stanley Spielman, a surgeon ophthalmologist, and fellow explorer. He happened to be an extraordinary artist himself, who was researching the vision of sharks. A lifelong friendship was established. Through the connections Stanley had, they were able to organize two expeditions to the land of the Cofan, Siona, and Secoya. Two years later, after confirming that they had permission from the tribes, Stanley and Eduardo were able to approach the Huaorani (Aucas), the Shuar (Jivaroans), in Ecuadorian Amazonia providing medical attention tribe by tribe. They did so by traveling in dugout canoes and special STAL aircraft for jungle work.

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Working with Dr. Spielman

Assisting and documenting Dr. Spielman’s care of natives and having the opportunity to stay several days at the time in each tribe, was, for Eduardo, an unforgettable experience.  

At that time, most of these populations had minimal contact with the outside of the world.

It was here that his father’s influence was felt once again, Eduardo acknowledges. – Dr. Ricardo Galliani was a surgeon, a pediatrician, and TB, and pulmonary disease specialist and Director of the Center for Tuberculosis. Dr. Galliani was a friend of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, with whom he worked at his Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon.

Other assignments and projects have taken Eduardo to North and East Africa, Madagascar, India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Pango Pango, Galapagos and, Miami Beach.

Family Life

Meanwhile, somehow, somewhere, 39 years ago, Eduardo met his friend-for-life and wife, Joyce from Papeete, Tahiti – Together they had and raised three beautiful human beings – Gian Guillermo, Giovanna Gabriella and Mariella Karina.