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As a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience, Eduardo Galliani’s speciality is in fine art photography. Over the years, his attention to detail and high quality, high resolution photography is admired by his clients and those who see his work. It’s also not just the photography but also the way every photo is printed is made to last a lifetime.

GALLIANI COLLECTION-Lindsey-Isabel- abuela and Friend

Fine Art Photography Services

When it comes to a fine art photography we focus on each client to capture memorable moments. We work with each client through out the photo shoot to ensure that the final printed image(s) is a beautiful work of art. At Antares Portofolio, we’ll take care of the shooting, photo editing, retouching and printing.

Some of the types of photography services are included but not limited to the list below. For custom requests, appointments and more details, give us a call or email us.


Portrait Photography Services

All of our clients receive the final photo(s) printed on either canvas or cotton paper to museum standards ensuring a lifelong print that can be passed down to further generations. Some of the types of portrait photography can be seen in our portfolio section.


Equestrian Photography Services

Equestrian photography is one of the most beloved styles of photography. Capturing the moment and bond and relationship between the horse and owner takes patients. Each styled photoshoot is taken completely different and an experience that is memorialized for friends and family, to private horse shows and any other occasion.


Editorial Photography Services

Organizations or privately owned companies that are looking for an editorial photographer have come to the right place. While we have worked with numerous institutions, governments and privately owned companies, please give us a call for requests.

  • Documentary and Editorial Photography
  • Architectural Documentation of Historic Sites
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Conceptual Photography


Designed, fully customized and published book art.

Book Arts

Book Arts Printing & Publishing

The book arts industry includes bookbinding, book printing and publishing. These three processes are so closely intertwined that they cannot be separated. We customize each book and the book printing process for every client.

Book arts printers use a wide range of materials to create products, including cotton paper, canvas, leather, embossing, stitching and gold to name just a few. We work with many different types of ink for the type of photography prints in every book.

We’ve worked with universities, governments, cities and other institutions as well as personal books for individuals.

  • Book Design
  • Printing and Bookbinding 
  • High Quality Handcrafted Limited Edition Books & Folios
  • Corporate books – brochures and presentations for special events
  • Family History Books  
  • Universities – Donor’s Recognition Presentation Gift
  • Museums – Donor’s Recognition Presentation Gift
  • Government – Protocol Presentations

Limited Edition Photography

With very few exceptions, all Antares Editions are designed, printed, handcrafted, packaged and readied for delivery at Antares Studio located in the City of Doral, west of Miami.

Fine Art Limited Editions of books, folios and prints are designed and produced in predetermined sizes and quantities ranging from 25 – 2,500 hand signed and numbered prints. – We work with the finest materials, with very old and with the latest state of the arts equipment and technology… and yet, every Antares is individually handcrafted. 



Individually Personalized Custom Orders  

Limited edition photography is often limited to a specific number of prints. This makes limited edition photographs more desirable because they are limited in quantity, and the limited availability will make them more valuable over time. Limited editions can be created by limiting the size of the print, or by restricting it to a certain amount of copies made.

Working with a variety of organizations, universities and clients, designing and publishing custom orders are a team effort. We’ll work together in order to minimize errors and maximize accuracy, beauty and impact intended… the WOW! Effect.

Custom Orders

Photo Prints Personalization

Photo prints are not just for the holidays anymore. Photo printing services have increased in popularity because of how personal they can be made to feel. We can customize photo prints and offer a variety of options that provide you won’t find at retail or other online stores.

With an opportunity to make your photo prints unique and tailored to your needs we can include the following and not limited to:

  • 24 Kt. Gold Leafing
  • Corporate books and gift presentations
  • Custom Designed Personalized one of a kind Books & Folios
  • Digital and Archival Pigment Inks printing
  • Engraving Family books
  • Fine Bookbinding
  • Foil Stamping
  • Government recognition presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Limited Edition Books & Folios
  • Photography
  • Sculpted Embossing
  • Smyth Sewn and Handcrafted Books and Folios

Framed Photography Prints

Framed photography prints are the perfect way to display your favorite memories in a beautiful, framed package. Each framed piece of art take up little space and can be displayed anywhere in your home for all to enjoy!

At Antares we do our own custom framing. Feel free to tell us about your needs and wants to choose the right frame and finishing for you. – For glassing we use Tru View Museum or Conservation Clear.

Unframed Photography Prints

Unframed prints are delicate pieces and should be handled accordingly. Most of our artwork are printed with archival pigment inks on the finest cotton art papers. We choose very carefully the type, color and texture of our papers to match and complement the image and project at hands. 

All prints are deep stamped with Galliani’s signature or seal under the printed image – And, yes, you may touch it!

An Antares print is a visual and tactile experience so, go ahead, touch it, feel it … just wash your hands first and, be nice, really. 

We DO NOT recommend dry mounting. Our prints on cotton paper may be held in place with archival corners on an acid free mounting board accordingly to museums’ preservation guidelines.